Geospatial Technology

Comprehensive and flexible technologies for capturing, tracking and analysing geographic changes and transform data into useful information.

Safety & Infrastructure

Support for planning, operation and decision making in areas such as safety, health, transportation, utilities, etc., helping to maintain and improve the services provided.


Engineering solutions enabling smarter design, build and operation of large-scale construction, speeding up project completion and ensuring safer, more productive facilities.


Precision technology combined with specialised tools and solutions for increasing efficiency and productivity in critical sectors of agriculture.


More than 200 years of experience and the largest portfolio of equipment and software for the land surveying market, from conventional equipment to air and hydraulic sensors.


The synergies between all companies and solutions of Hexagon are modelled and improved to meet new demands and new markets.


Integration, automation and optimisation of all mining processes ensure the safety and agility mines need to be more productive.

Positioning Intelligence

Precision technology for navigation and positioning on land, sea and air, including areas such as seismic exploration, research, construction and dynamic positioning.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Best-in-class solutions that improve production, quality and productivity for manufacturing companies.

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