Confident Startup


Hexagon PPM has introduced the Confident Startup methodology to challenge the status quo of poor project performance and to combat delayed completions, disparate handover to operations, the burden on the back end of the schedule, the lack of visibility and to mitigate confusion and startup uncertainty.

The single repository for all inspection checklists, test procedures, RFIs and punch list field data capture acts as a commissioning control console for as-built in the latter stages of the project.

Digitized workforces are able to work efficiently in the field allowing workers to validate engineering information while inspecting equipment. This provides clear inventory and targets for contractors by unlocking communication barriers. A fully digital history of equipment before the operations phase ensures warranty compliance and improves efficient depreciation and management of assets at custody transfer dates.

Projects today are extremely complex. Engineering design systems are built to support complex design, globally distributed engineering workshare centers, multiple fabrication yards, hundreds of suppliers and thousands of construction workers.

The many stakeholders, with differing priorities, agendas and drivers, ensure projects will remain complex. However, at Hexagon PPM we believe a comprehensive integrated project delivery ecosystem can take the complication out of the complexity. Regardless of engineering, procurement or construction priorities the ultimate driver is facility start-up.

Adopting Hexagon PPM’s Confident Startup methodology along with PPM’s other project delivery systems, bring a data-driven ecosystem, leveraging information throughout the lifecycle to the commissioning and startup outcomes on a project that:

- Creates Alignment within the project team
- Creates Visibility - removes excuses and creates accountability
- Creates Empowerment
- Getting the right information to the right person, in the right format, at the right time
- Benchmarking for continuous improvement
- Provides the information required to support a decision or process

Hexagon PPM empowers its clients to transform unstructured information into a smart digital asset to visualize, build and manage structures and facilities of all complexities, ensuring safe and efficient operation throughout the entire lifecycle. Our customers have long enjoyed tangible OPEX and CAPEX benefits, using our comprehensive solutions across the globe.

Hexagon PPM’s Confident Startup Facilitates


chart_blue_icon COLLABORATION time_blue_icon MOBILITY flow_blue_icon EXTENSIBILITY


In The Numbers


 chart_blue_icon REDUCE REQUEST FOR OPERATIONS (RFO) EFFORT BY 10-20%   chart_blue_icon  REDUCE EXECUTION SETUP COSTS BY 70%   chart_blue_icon  REDUCE FIELD SPIN TIME BY 30%


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The Confident Startup Methodology

Learn more about Hexagon PPM's startup solution to help you challenge the status quo of poor project performance.


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