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Owner Operators have been dealing with two significant challenges to maintaining profitability and realising their long-term vision:

  1. To expand existing industrial plants or build new plants to meet growing demand in the global market, it is necessary to meet deadlines, minimise costs, shorten start time and maximise delivery. CAPEX projects are increasingly larger with numerous interfaces and contracted companies working together.
  2. Current operations need to be modernised to increase product quality, reduce risks in operations, increase security and meet regulatory compliance guidelines.

We have a centralised solution to manage complex information in an industrial operation during all phases of the asset life cycle – from commissioning, operational readiness and handover to maintenance of asset management interfaces with contractors and implementation of changes due to maintenance and safety projects.

SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators (SPO) solution is modularised to address best-deployment strategies focused on meeting requirements raised by good industry practices. Details of each module can be found in the videos and materials on this page.



SmartPlant® Enterprise for Owner Operators solution offers us a dynamic and integrated tools to optimize our work processes during the whole life cycle of the plant.”

Jiří Janeček
Director of I&C Division

We believe these tools will help us bring the immense value of the virtual plant asset directly to workers on the plant floor... SPO mobile with photorealistic TruView visualization will help our plant workers carry out their work safer, quicker and better than ever.”

Ludwig Englmaier
Head of the Engineering Department
AlzChem AG

With SPO we are ordering all the information and we have all this information regarding the design tools in order so we are using all of the design tools to controlling the MOC, or Management of Change, in the plant, so every time that we have a change in the plan, we are reusing all of the engineering information from the project. Keeping alive all of these design tools was very useful. We are saving tons of time and money because of that.”

Patricio Soto
Information Manager
Caserones SCM Minera Lumina Copper

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