Even before the popularity of current engineering concepts, the shipping industry had created processes for execution of projects, already envisioning production planning and the simultaneous manufacture of hundreds of parts and structures. The concept of manufacturing a ship´s block starts with engineering design, followed by procurement of materials, manufacturing, and assembly of block structures. Executing the last three steps simultaneously can optimize shipyard production time. This implementation is complex in big yards that have multiple, ongoing, simultaneous projects.

The shipping industry has some similarities with industrial plants in terms of the final product point of view, but each has distinct, specific work processes. To remain competitive in a growing market that demands many simultaneous projects, a complete software solution that addresses manufacturing planning and assembly processes is required. These are critical processes within the manufacturing cycle in the yard.

Intergraph Smart® Yard provides tools for the entire yard manufacturing cycle. It begins with 2D/3D engineering design automation specific to the hull and its blocks and top side. Then it addresses instrumentation, piping and electrical structures for extracting the manufacture of isometric drawings and the tubing spool. Smart® Yard manages the entire delivery process and monitors the supply of these materials. Once the materials are in the warehouse, Smart® Yard provides control over:

  • Manufacture of parts
  • Production planning of the lines and the burden of cutting machines
  • Management of the welding process and its quality
  • Installation of blocks and virtual simulation plug/quality using real data (scanning laser) versus virtual (3D design)
  • Advancement and progress of manufacturing
  • Finishing with inspections
  • Mechanical completion
  • Commissioning of systems

Several large construction sites worldwide use our solution. If you want to know more, explore the contents of this page. We are available to detail our solution and verify conformance to work processes.



With Intergraph Smart® 3D, we have reduced design errors in half. We have also increased productivity up to10%.”

Yeong Soo Bae
Executive Vice President of R&D
Samsung (SHI)

Intergraph Smart® Yard will work in unison with our advanced automation production line to meet industry challenges and timely deliveries. By leveraging Smart Yard, we have the capability to develop new and more productive ways of working, minimizing risks and delivering projects in a timely fashion.”


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