Air traffic control systems, and operations planning and execution systems built with technology from Hexagon’s Geospatial division optimize air traffic and regulate diverse airspace to provide decision and information management support for aviation experts.

What We Do

Optimize Air Traffic

A decision support system for pilots and dispatchers operates while in flight, keeping passengers safe and flights on schedule.

Analyze Moving Object Data

We provide high-performance software tools for rapid application development of advanced systems in the Aviation market.

Regulate a Diverse Airspace

Allow UAVs to safely share airspace with commercial and military flights as informed air traffic controllers assist pilots and reduce near-misses.

Our Technology In Action

Collaborative Airspaces Help Merge Dedicated Traffic

Reserving airspaces and minimizing conflicts with neighboring airspaces and flight paths is part of an initiative to ensure air traffic safety across Europe.

Integrating UAV into Commercial Airspace

A team of aviation experts and engineers implement a vision to facilitate integration of drones into the manned aviation system.

Generate a Complete Operational Picture

Conduct advanced analysis on all sources of geospatial data by integrating the data with motion video.

Putting Data to Work: Frequentis

The latest episode of our customer video series shows how Frequentis guarantees safe operations for air traffic worldwide.

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