Campus-wide Educational Grant

Free Classroom Licenses

Hexagon Geospatial U offers universities an educational campus-wide grant of 500 licenses of GeoMedia Essentials and ERDAS IMAGINE Essentials. With numerous licenses of these two Essentials packages, Hexagon Geospatial provides universities a complementary, unique and robust package that other geospatial software companies cannot match.

Free Student Licenses

With the Geospatial Educational Campus-wide Grant program, students can obtain free software licenses for use in the comfort of their own home. Student licenses must be administered by the university and are available at no additional cost. The University will receive 500 free student licenses. With this package, students can benefit from a 52-week offering of GeoMedia Essentials or ERDAS IMAGINE Essentials along with online tutorials. These licenses are offered on an annual basis only, and do not include maintenance support.

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A Community for Educators

University educators can use the tutorials, presentations, and example data in this community for geospatial technology curriculum and academic research projects.

GeoMedia Overview

Create intelligent, intuitive maps, unleashing the information locked in your data.

On-the-Fly Image Adjustment

Image Chain adjusts image display on-the-fly for faster image analysis.