Desktop Education Program

Are your students interested in a career in geospatial sciences? Now, you can provide them with the leading-edge technology they need to hone their analytical skills.

With Hexagon’s desktop-based GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry offerings, students will learn to:

  • Process large quantities of raw spatial information
  • Unearth insightful information from imagery, terrain, radar and LIDAR data sources
  • Create, update and analyze valuable geospatial information
  • Deliver dynamic analysis and mapping products

As trusted products used in academia for 40+ years, Hexagon’s desktop software has been helping students gain in-depth knowledge and develop the expertise to solve real-world challenges. A wide variety of organizations across the globe rely on Hexagon technology every day to help them understand the effects of our geography.

In the Desktop Education Program, the full scope of GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry software is combined into a single unified package for simplified licensing and ease of use. With creative and intuitive interfaces, smart workflows, and automated technologies, students can apply geospatial science knowledge to a variety of disciplines, from the natural sciences to communications.

Classroom Licenses

Classroom licenses are concurrent (shared) and designed for use on site at universities. They are offered in quantities and combinations of  five- and fifteen-seats. You may purchase annual subscriptions or permanent licenses. Annual subscriptions include the free student licenses and technical support. For permanent licenses, you must purchase software maintenance each year to receive the free annual student licenses and technical support.

Desktop Education Program includes:

Free Student Licenses for Use Off-Campus
With the purchase of the Desktop Education Program, the university will receive licenses to administer to their students. These student licenses are nodelocked and for use only on student’s personal computers. These licenses can be used at home when working remotely.

Students can acquire support from the university or from the Hexagon Geospatial Community. Students can join the Community for free by registering at Hexagon Geospatial Community. Students do not receive support directly from Hexagon’s Geospatial division.

Single Use Licenses

For academics who want to use any of the software packages in the Desktop Education Program for research projects, we offer a single seat annual subscription. Academics can also purchase individual permanent licenses at a discount. Contact us for more information.

Add-on Product Licenses

These add-on modules are available at an additional, but education-discounted price to holders of the Desktop Education Program:

More Information

Request more information on our Education Programs.

Please contact our business partner GEOSYSTEMS to inquire about an ATCOR license for atmospheric and topographic correction of images. You can also contact GEOSYSTEMS to inquire about IMAGINE UAV education pricing.


A Community for Educators

University educators can use the tutorials, presentations, and example data in this community for geospatial technology curriculum and academic research projects.

Studying Pond Growth in Nepal to Evaluate Flood Risk

A warming climate means melting glaciers in Nepal and an increase in hazardous glacial ponds. See how one student is studying this effect to support disaster management.

Detecting and Monitoring Elephants

As the human population grows rapidly, wildlife suffers from the impact. University of Oxford researchers created a solution to help us better share the land.

GeoMedia Overview

Create intelligent, intuitive maps, unleashing the information locked in your data.

On-the-Fly Image Adjustment

Image Chain adjusts image display on-the-fly for faster image analysis.