Emergency Management

When response time is critical, visualizing location intelligence through Hexagon’s Geospatial division solutions provide targeted disaster planning and effective communications.

What We Do

Protect, Prepare and Respond

Proactively evaluate exposure by simulating the impact of storm events on critical facilities such as schools and hospitals before danger strikes.

Get Critical Information

Improve data distribution by easily organizing massive volumes of critical data and quickly presenting it to first responders and relief agencies.

Rapid Communication and Crowdsource Enablement

Collect and share helpful information with the community during emergencies, including road damage, tornado spottings, shelter locations, and flooding.

Our Technology In Action

Remote Sensing for Disaster Response

Solutions for identifying risks, developing proper responses and disaster prevention.

The Value of Proactive Disaster Management

Geographic image change detection is an integral part of wildfire management and disaster recovery.

Detecting Land Movement

Planetek Italia uses data from space to monitor the health of underground infrastructure.

Identify Hazardous Situations

Predict and verify landslide phenomena using remote sensing technology.

Arm Firefighters with Real Time Data

Special Operations Solutions receives Shaping Change award for solution supporting fire mapping missions in real-time, onboard aircraft and at ground stations.

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