Smart Nation

Hexagon's Geospatial division provides Smart Nation solutions that allow national and international leaders to better serve citizens. These solutions increase insight into what was, what is, what could be, what should be, and what will be, supporting a nation’s ability to protect the interests of its population.

Ensure Accuracy

Provide up-to-date, reliable data nations need to establish sound policies for citizens.

Construa uma Ponte Entre os Mundos Geoespacial e Operacional

Conecte os tomadores de decisão a dados geoespaciais em tempo real para soluções em terra, no mar e no ar.

Transform Data Into Intelligence

Convert raw data into business intelligence for natural resource, asset, infrastructure, and crisis management.

Our Technology In Action

Modernizing the Census in Botswana

To help transform, streamline, and democratize census processes in Botswana, Statistics Botswana turned to Hexagon for a smart solution.

Geospatial Solutions Save the Day

See how geospatial software supports international efforts to end poverty, fight inequalities, and address climate change.

Dynamic Web-based Flood Monitoring

Flooding not only causes property loss, but can also present security risks. GEOSYSTEMS Hellas used Spatial Modeler to build a custom flood monitoring workflow.

Thermopylae Joins the Hexagon Family

Thermopylae Sciences and Technology teams up with Hexagon to support a 5D digital reality. In this podcast, leaders discuss the acquisition and what lies ahead.

Know Your Population

Nations need reliable demographics to know how to best serve their citizens. HxGN Smart Census provides a digital solution that covers the entire census cycle.

Extracting Tree Canopy Data Quickly and Efficiently

The state of North Carolina, USA, used remote sensing to gather tree canopy cover data from their imagery, gaining insight for natural resource conservation.

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