ECW Compression

Shrink Big Data With Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW)

ECW Overview

When you compress your imagery into ECW format, the result is a much smaller single file that can be stored, sent, and displayed even on small devices. ECW technology provides exceptional compression, capable of reducing terabyte-sized files to five percent of their original size, while retaining the image’s full visual quality. For ultimate image delivery performance, ECW Protocol efficiently streams ECW and JPEG2000 imagery over networks.

ECW Capabilities

Visually Lossless Compression

Wavelet compression algorithm achieves 15:1 compression ratios at a visually lossless quality level.

Fastest Compression and Decompression

ECW compression is at least 50% faster at compressing images than other compression techniques.


Software developers can enable rapid and efficient file handling in their applications using ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK.

ECW Plugin for AutoCAD

Stop struggling with raster data handling in AutoCAD, Map3D, Civil3D, and other Autodesk products and use the free ECW Plugin.

ECW for ArcGIS Server

With ECW support, ArcGIS Server users can leverage compression technology capable of quickly decompressing and opening massive files.

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