Solutions Overview

Our solutions provide tools to leverage static, dynamic and real-time information to solve critical, real-world challenges. We’ve combined our platforms and products with business data, processes and workflows to improve specific industry and organizational challenges.


Streamlined Workflows

Solve your problem with merged location data, enterprise information, and business processes.

From the Office to the Field

Equip your teams for success, from geospatial specialists to operational users to managers.

Built for Unique Challenges

Address the unique location and operational challenges for transportation, defense, and government organizations.


GeoTrAMS web-based system for tram and light-rail infrastructure integrates location information and assets to optimize light-rail operations.

HxGN Smart Census

Digitally survey your population using Hexagon's total Population and Housing Census (PHC) management and workflow solution.

M.App X

Cloud-Deployable Image Intelligence

Mobile Alert: Cloud-Based Citizen Crowdsourcing

Citizens can snap a photo and send incident reports including location information to subscribing local agencies with Mobile Alert's cloud-based service.

SafeHaul Transportation Solutions

SafeHaul integrates a fast, accurate permitting system with a routing and restriction management solution to provide OS/OW vehicles with travel permits and the safest route possible.

Transportation Safety Management

Transportation safety analysts can import crash data; then analyze and prioritize at-risk locations on the network to reduce accidents and improve road safety.