Transportation Solution for Optimizing Light Rail Operations

Light rail operators produce and share railway information across the network enterprise, with the public, and with government agencies. GeoTrAMS Transportation Asset Management System from Hexagon’s Geospatial division makes this easier by letting you visualize on a map all your infrastructure, such as stops, switches or points, common crossings, expansion joints, and the track system itself.

GeoTrAMS is one of the few web-based systems for tram and light-rail infrastructure that includes a standard GIS platform, so you can integrate it with your existing asset management or works management systems.

Key Benefits

  • Consistent management of all infrastructure assets

  • Easy identification of assets needed for processes like maintenance or repair

  • Geographical analysis of fault and wear trends

  • Relationships between performance of assets

  • Real-time view of work in progress

  • Efficient planning and scheduling of engineering work and repairs

Solution Highlights

  • Access All Enterprise Data from One Source – The volume of infrastructure data is often spread across multiple business systems and in various formats, which can lead to inconsistencies. Hexagon customers – from light rail to metro to tram systems operators – can display multi-source data in one map view.

  • Prioritize Maintenance Around Nearby Assets – Spatial reference is a significant factor in the GeoTrAMS system. For all infrastructure objects, there is a feature capturing the 'where,’ which is linked to the 'what,’ 'when,’ 'how often,' and other attributes. Non-graphic objects like processes, in turn, can also be assigned spatially by their references to graphical objects.

  • Advanced Analytics for Management, Analysts, and the Public – Whether your data is accessed from an executive’s dashboard, an analyst’s workbench, or a public information portal that displays the information you want to share, our web-based tools give you access to critical information on transportation network functionality, challenges that need attention, and budget restrictions.

  • Tools for Modeling Your Network – Linear Reference Systems (LRS) and support for multiple linear referencing methods and multiple geometric representations are included for building and maintaining a digital network model for transportation systems. GeoTrAMS also keeps the locations of asset data accurate after changes are made in the network by dynamic segmentation.

  • Easily Implement Agency Workflows – Create your own step-by-step workflows that are easy to use and guide you to input valid data that meets industry and company standards, while maintaining data security. All information is available in real time with no data warehousing needed.

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