SafeHaul Transportation Solutions

Permitting and Routing of Oversize/Overweight Loads

With big trucks come big loads and bigger challenges. Permitting and routing oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicles efficiently and effectively is key for transportation agencies. They must balance public road safety and protecting company infrastructure while meeting commercial trucking industry standards.

Hexagon's Geospatial division's SafeHaul integrates a fast, accurate permitting system with routing and restriction management solutions to provide OS/OW vehicles with travel permits and the safest possible route.

Key Benefits

  • Faster permit issuance – 24/7 online access

  • Automated routing – map view, driving directions, and legend; integrated with Google Maps™

  • Improved safety – real-time restriction management and integration with existing data sources, including CVIEW and bridge analysis

  • Streamlined workflow – inclusion of agency-specific rules and regulations plus electronic payment and delivery of permit packages

Modular System Components

Hexagon's SafeHaul solution offers maximum flexibility as a turnkey solution. Modularize to fit your requirements – purchase only the pieces you need and integrate them with your existing systems. SafeHaul components include:

  • Permit Manager – Carriers can request a permit, generate a safe route, and automatically receive the permit via both on-screen PDF and email using a mobile-friendly web browser application.

  • Route Planner – Generate safe routes easily for permit requests using a mobile-friendly, browser-based application.

  • Restriction Manager – Enter and manage road restrictions on the fly to ensure network constraints are up to date.

  • Bridge Evaluator – Evaluate a bridge’s ability to support a vehicle using methods including moment and shear calculations, bridge postings, and Federal Bridge Formula.

Hexagon’s SafeHaul suite also provides reports and business intelligence vital to analyzing data and integrating with other systems. SafeHaul provides reports in third-party business intelligence (BI) tools such as SAP® BusinessObjects™ BI, Microsoft® SQL Server®, and Microsoft Power BI®. In addition, users can view simple on-screen reports within the application containing information pertaining to permits issued and other pre-determined search categories.

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