Geospatial Technology


Our Geospatial solutions are supported by a mapping platform and a geographic information system (GIS) from Hexagon Geospatial. They work on georeferenced data that is captured by a variety of inland sensors (laser scan or mobile precision mapping) and airborne sensors, e.g., unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) and satellite imaging.

The acquired data can reveal warning situations and terrain changes, enabling users to launch simple processes to translate this information into corrective and preventive action. From connectivity and solution integration, we can improve planning and response and increase productivity.

Our solutions can be applied to different markets including:

  • Electricity
  • Telecommunication
  • Water Management and Sanitation
  • Gas
  • Smart City
    • Traffic and Transportation
    • Health
    • Public Health
    • Electricity Management
    • Telecommunication
    • Water Management and Sanitation
    • Government
    • Precision Agriculture and Forestry

Simply put, the Power Portfolio organises our product offering into representative categories describing your broader geospatial functions. Our industry-leading products retain their globally-recognised names while being positioned within the three suites of the Power Portfolio: Producer, Provider and Plataform.

Individually, these are incredibly powerful suites of technology, containing industry-leading products. We know and understand that every business has different needs, and so we provide the flexibility for you to hone in on the tools you require, easily combining technologies across products and suites.

Main Industries

Asset Management
Big Data
Disaster Management
National Mapping Agencies
Oil and Gas
Property Appraisal

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Producer Suite

Intelligently author, analyze, process, and map multiple sources of data. Collect, process, and analyze geospatial data, and ultimately deliver usable information. 

ERDAS - Tools for all your Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry needs.

GEOMEDIA - A dynamic GIS to extract compelling intelligence and present actionable information.

IMAGESTATION - Powers high volume photogrammetry and production mapping workflows.

Provider Suite

Comprehensively manage and deliver volumes of geospatial and business data. The power to organize all of your data into one centralized library, and deliver it to others easily.

Comprehensive data management and delivery

Supports efficient imagery compression and delivery in your application.

Platform Suite

Efficiently build and deploy smart solutions that fit your needs. Enabling technology to deliver geospatial information through a web, mobile, or smart solution.

Tools to build and deliver highly-constrained, map-based workflows.

GEOMEDIA WEBMAP - Quick and Full-Featured Maps
Publish high-performance web maps with a simple click of your mouse.

GEOSPATIAL PORTAL - 2D and 3D Experiences
Full-featured, customizable web application delivers performance to your browser.

Geospatial SDI ensures adherence to standards for web services and metadata.

Mobile Alert simplifies crowd-sourcing incident information through a cloud-based service.

​Mobile MapWorks unleashes tablet-based field inspection and editing.

Hexagon Smart M.App

Maps are beautiful. From sketches on cave walls, to artistic depictions of reality, to visualizing digital data, maps tell stories. But, while maps are beautiful to look at, they are static and dated, reflecting “what was.” But we need maps to reflect “what is,” and “what can be.” We need maps to provide answers. The map of the future is not just a map – it’s a smart app.


Each Hexagon Smart M.App combines multi-source content, sophisticated analytics, and tailored workflows, fused together into a dynamic user experience. Hexagon Smart M.Apps take real-world change and synchronize it with your app in a way that is fresh, lightweight, dynamic, multi-source and informative.


Hexagon Geospatial’s M.App Portfolio offers a modern, cloud-based platform for building and using progressive geospatial applications. Through the M.App Portfolio, our partners have the ability to design, build, and deploy their own Hexagon Smart M.Apps, using core technologies that our customers know and trust.

Components of the M.App Portfolio are:

M.App Foundation – This is the hosting platform for Hexagon Smart M.Apps, and core geospatial web services used for building geospatial cloud applications.

M.App Exchange – Our e-commerce store allows you to discover, purchase, and use online applications. Partners publish and manage their Hexagon Smart M.Apps in the M.App Exchange.

Content – The fuel that drives Hexagon Smart M.Apps.  Hexagon Geospatial establishes partnerships with third party content providers for a wide variety of content types. This content can be easily integrated into Hexagon Smart M.Apps.

Visit to sign up for a preview, or for training on building and deploying a Hexagon Smart M.App.