Real-time Data from Land, Sea, or Air

With Luciad Portfolio, real-time situational awareness is achieved at all levels, from headquarters to armored vehicles to dismounted soldiers, to optimize analysis and decision making. 

Complete C2 Solutions

Cartographic data that is produced and disseminated for image exploitation and analysis can easily be viewed on the appropriate hardware, from the control room to the field, and fused with other types of data such as real-time radar feeds.

Connecting to Data in Any Defense Scenario

Whether you are facing anything from conventional warfare to asymmetric warfare to coalition-based operations, you can connect to your data in any format by using open standards that enable data sharing when it is required. 

Relentless Innovation

By delivering defense initiatives such as M.App X, Hexagon Geospatial ensures governments can utilize advanced data analytics by converting data and imagery into actionable insights for more informed decision making.

Intelligence from Video

Fuse full-motion video with other types of data, such as map features and annotations, for complete geospatial context.