Mapping Solutions

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Deliver End-to-End Capabilities

Improve your mapping workflows and products with integrated capabilities for geospatial data collection and management, map production, and information sharing.

Manage Increasingly Diverse Data

Meet the challenge of progressively diverse data sources with efficient data integration, management, and analysis capabilities, including artificial intelligence.

Meet End-User Expectations

As expectations and the variety of products expand, ensure end-users get timely and accurate information – from professional map products to interactive maps and apps.


Our Solutions in Action

One Nation, One Basemap, Multiple Uses

A visually lossless, 50-cm resolution single-image basemap of South Africa streams daily to thousands of users, providing a single source of truth to multiple agencies.

Bringing New Dimension and Accuracy to Swiss Mapping

The Swiss national mapping agency ensures timeliness and accuracy of their map products with a system that handles GIS management and photogrammetry in a single integrated unit.

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