Smart City

A Smart City brings together technology, government, and society. By fusing automation and IoT with real-time analytics capabilities, city leaders increase the quality of urban services and citizen engagement, while decreasing overall costs and resource consumption.

What We Do

Digitalize Processes and Data Management

Create a smart digital reality for your government services, including transportation management, energy conservation, and water and waste management.

Data-Driven Urban Planning

Transform complex data into business intelligence to improve productivity and assist in planning for sustainable growth.

Unlock the Potential of Location Information

From planning optimal transportation routes to quickly querying large data sets to find resources, easily add visual context to make sense of your data.

Our Technology In Action

Smart Technology Moves to the Suburbs

A Polish town is redefining what it means to be a Smart City by implementing new technologies to increase cooperation between citizens and officials.

Baton Rouge becoming a Safe City

Discover how Smart M.Apps enable the city of Baton Rouge to drive decisions based on data, with compelling location-based visualization and analysis tools.

3D City Views at Your Fingertips

Leaders from various departments can access 3D data representations, benefitting from smart digital realities for more informed city planning and security.

Hexagon’s G-Cloud 11 Listing Extends Reach in UK

The UK public sector now has easier access to M.App Portfolio and Luciad Portfolio offerings, as well as training and support.

Centralized Geospatial Data in Brasov, Romania

To support governmental transparency, the city implemented a public, online database to share geospatial data from its departments and public services.

Managing and Viewing Massive Amounts of City Data

Oracle and the Luciad Portfolio Team partnered to give cities a smart view of disparate data sources, such as live views for police surveillance of a festival.

Better Tax Appraiser Tools Will Mean Fewer Appeals

ValueArmor Smart M.App gives tax appraisers access to state-wide, timely, commercial sales data which...

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