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Smart Sites are secure, self-contained environments that employ 5D analytics solutions. Using the 5D platform from Hexagon's Geospatial division, users can connect historical site data with real-time IoT sensor data, providing site managers with advanced location intelligence that supports smarter, more streamlined operations.

What We Do

Manage the Data Avalanche

We integrate data from a variety of sources – including GIS, CAD, and BIM – with dynamic sensor feeds, and help you make sense of it all.

Live Data Visualization

Leverage sensor data streams to create 5D views of your site, merging diverse data sources and analytics capabilities into information you can act from.

Infinite Possibilities

Build real-time location intelligence solutions for air, land, and sea, all with one platform and at any scale.

Our Technology In Action

Total Site Management from a Single System

BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, uses Luciad technology at its Port of Antwerp site to monitor and visualize data.

Seamless, Safe and Connected Operations

At BASF, the same Luciad technology is on the sleeves of firefighters, tablets of contractors, desktops of task planners, and wall screens of the control room.

Landslide Detection Increases Mine Safety

Landslides can destroy ecosystems, damage property, and even cause injury or death. When they occur inside of a mine, the risks are even greater.

Port Infrastructure Management

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company’s GIS system enhances shipping capabilities on the Danube River and in Bulgarian maritime spaces.

Smart Digital Reality to Support Smart Sites

Hexagon technology supports the rapid fusion of the real and digital worlds, delivering dynamic analytics for enhanced situational clarity.

Data Management for Conservation Monitoring

A university project to monitor climate change effects on Lake Titicaca draws interest from the governments of Peru and Bolivia.

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