GeoMedia is offered within the Producer Suite of the Power Portfolio.

Consolidated Workflow

Integrates multiple geospatial technologies, intuitively guiding a user through their experience with powerful tools and functionality.

Smarter Processing

Easily create informative data analysis, including Python scripting, export to OGC WPS, and custom modelling commands.

Dynamic Modeling

Robust multi-core and distributed batch processing for almost any job.

Spatial Modeling in GeoMedia and ERDAS IMAGINE

Vince Smith and Zaiyong Gou talk about extending spatial models into GeoMedia and how ERDAS IMAGINE provides even more tools for building your spatial models.

More than Just Image Processing

ERDAS IMAGINE provides tools for remote sensing, photogrammetry, LiDAR analysis, basic vector analysis, and radar processing in a single product.

Remote Sensing Analysis for Mines with ERDAS IMAGINE

Timely information is key in an environment that can change daily. Using data collected by drones, ERDAS IMAGINE can perform key analyses to help make sense of any...

Delineating Rooftops in ERDAS IMAGINE

Extracting clean rooftop polygons can be challenging. Watch how you can easily grow rooftop facets and clean up the results.


Extend ERDAS IMAGINE functionality through customization, support for SAR interferometry, 3D, NITF, DEM, Stereo, Registration, and expanding processing power.