GeoMedia® Smart Client - 2016 Product Release Details

Platform Suite

GeoMedia® Smart Client is a GIS workflow management system that connects tasks and dependencies across different roles in a process, and dynamically configures to reflect a user’s role and specific workflow steps. End users are able to use advanced geospatial functionality via simple-to-use map-based tools, disentangling them from nonessential tasks and focusing their time on their area of expertise.

Workflow Manager is a standalone product that is also a subset of GeoMedia Smart Client. Workflow Manager provides a rich toolset that lets you construct highly-focused business workflows that primarily support attributive data, but also may contain a spatial component.

2016 release updates include:

  • New graphical designer for Workflow Manager - No programming skills? No problem! Configure business workflows using the graphical designer interface for the Workflow Manager. Now domain experts don’t have to be developers, which reduces time-to-market and lets you respond faster to business requirement changes.GeoMedia Smart Client 2016 Product Release
  • PostGIS open-source database support - Support for open source databases is becoming a prerequisite, especially in emerging markets. By adding native PostGIS support, we ensure access to the leading open source database, while also providing an alternative to cost intensive relational database management systems like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Create styles quickly with the new Style Editor - Use templates to create styles quickly, easily configure complex styles to fit your needs, and reduce security vulnerabilities using state-of-the-art web technologies.GeoMedia Smart Client 2016 Product Release
  • Responsive design for mobile in Workflow Manager - Most organizations know mobile is a game-changing opportunity, and are developing strategies to provide business workflows on smart mobile devices. Workflow Manager has a device-agnostic user interface, enabling you to deliver streamlined business workflows based on a single configuration.
  • Enhanced Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Support - Consume OGC services (like WMS, WFS, and WMTS) directly in the client to ensure best performance and user experience. In addition, to ensure that your data are safe, GeoMedia Smart Client now supports secure OGC services.
  • Extended raster format support – GeoMedia Smart Client now has native support for all major raster formats including ECW, native rotated raster support, and improved raster performance.
  • Improved ECWP – Your ECW is in a different coordinate system in comparison to your project? No problem. The client now supports reprojection on the fly, and is also able to consume secure ECW streams.

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