M.App X

Cloud-Deployable Image Intelligence

M.App X Overview

M.App X Can Provide Geospatial Solutions to Your Organization.

M.App X is a cloud-deployable enterprise solution fostering geospatial tradecraft creation, common usage, and secure sharing of the latest intel, making up-to-date information accessible and reusable.


Easy to Manage

  • Unified and centralized software management reduces administrative costs for Defense agencies and solves the problem of inconsistent software versions.

Faster Rasters and Vectors

  • Using the most advanced web technology, the M.App X environment delivers desktop-like performance and real-life visualizations.

Disseminate and Share Quickly

  • Because M.App X is cloud-based, people in the field and decision makers have instant access to the latest information, sharing the same view.

M.App X Capabilities

Simplified, Intuitive Interface

Personalized data management, 3D and stereo displays, precise sensor model measurement, smart annotation and more makes M.App X easy to operate with little training needed.

Examine with Precision

Get immediate feedback with dynamic adjustment. Measure position, height, bearing, angle, polygon area, perimeter, precise elevation, and sensor position information in...

Report with Confidence

Create illustrative maps using a rich styling library of symbols, for a centralized geospatial data repository gives everyone in the organization the most current information.


50 pre-made geoprocessing models are delivered with the system, with new models developed and added regularly. We also have a large body of online examples and support.

Advanced Web Technology

M.App X delivers desktop-like performance and real-time visualizations, hosted on the cloud.

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