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The effective management of emergency medical care services depends on high-availability integrated systems that can handle everything from emergency calls for service up to the administration of services. With modules that cover the entire response cycle of an emergency center, our solution is the best option for reducing response time and managing historical information extraction for continuous operational evolution of this essential service to the community.

The health solution for smart cities ensures greater flexibility in reporting incidents, including medical regulatory information and dispatching medical units to meet caller needs. With interfaces designed to assist in the decision-making process, the dispatcher has tools for classifying the call and determining which health facilities are closest to the emergency as well as the available specialties and beds at each facility.

The duration of all calls is recorded for audit reports and operational planning, enabling the center manager to achieve improved response times. Spatial map reports can be generated as well. And with the aid of thermal thematic maps, for example, the dispatcher can define the positioning of strategic bases and unit distribution.

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