Government Agencies


Hexagon has extensive experience developing and implementing geospatial solutions for government agencies on state and local levels of medium and large scale. Our advanced solutions can be applied to land record management, civil defense, health management, security, emergency management systems, and planning in general.

Land planning usually depends on a reliable database of updated information. Our software tools enable UAVs or satellite image analysis to help you build and update geographic data. The accumulated intelligence enables development of standardization solutions. The creation of the geographic database is the initial phase for all applications.

Real Estate Recording
The vast experience of Hexagon in the implementation and maintenance of cadastral systems in  large to medium-sized cities has enabled the development of advanced recordkeeping tools and the integration of physical mapping with legacy systems of financial and taxation departments. In this way, we can obtain better decision-making results by city administrators, in addition to planning for sustainable city development. Our solutions include automation and integration of the land recording system and the issuing of electronic documents automatically generated by the citizens themselves via the Internet or by request of municipal services. This document holds all the information, part of the current legislation and specific occupation rules for each parcel, expanding the concept of e-government in the municipality.

Civil Defense
The civil defense area and emergency management solutions help to maintain an updated register of land information and resources for planning, care emergencies and natural disasters aimed at mitigation and recovery of damage. This database includes the location of civil defense centers and their fields, sectors and sub-regions at risk, equipment (rain gauges, vehicles, etc.), the sites for use in emergency situations and available external resources. Monitoring solutions with the help of images and sensors can be incorporated to reduce the response time and improve the ability to forecast civil defense problems. By acting early the results are usually much better.

Health Management
In the area of preventive health, we have provided data geographic solutions to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, as well as the National Register of Health Facilities and other information systems. This data, once geocoded, enables the generation of thematic and thermal maps showing the health status, facilitating the high-level management decision process.

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