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Today it is essential that operational and public safety strategic planning areas are supported by an agile, flexible and accurate information system.

Hexagon’s solutions are based on a sophisticated high-availability geographic information system that enables the operation, control, analysis and planning of integrated safety centers that usually operate with multiple organs at once, such as military and civil police along with CSI, fire department, forensic, civil defense and EMS personnel.

The solution integrates market available technologies to aid in the control and management of public safety resources, increasing the efficiency of this service to society. In addition, other complementary technologies deal with the integration of vehicle tracking systems, along with on-board terminals and alarm, radio, telephone and surveillance cameras. It is still possible to include in this integration information from criminal intelligence databases along with information obtained from vehicles and weapons, as well as other intelligence from third-party systems.

Within the operational flow of integrated centers, the Public Security Solution includes:

  • Call answering/initiation and automatic forwarding of events to multiple agencies
  • Unit dispatching according to a response plan that considers shorter distance, board equipment, event type, crew skills and area of operation
  • Mobile systems for tablets and embedded computers
  • Effective management and operational use of resources
  • Information extraction from an integrated web portal containing criminal information, including performance measures in real time, statistical reports and dynamic thematic and incident maps
  • Creation of operational plans
  • Presentation of tracked units and events on the map
  • Operational integration among heterogeneous systems
  • Response plans planning for major events

Hexagon is the market leader and its solution for Public Safety is being used internationally in more than 200 centers in 20 countries. The solution modules enable a high degree of customization and is easily adaptable to different operational realities and their evolution.

Brazilian client base

Brazilian Client Base - Safety Public

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