Smart Cities


Hexagon offers solutions and services for integrated monitoring of smart cities. Thus, we are able to provide an end-to-end solution combining sensors produced by Leica Geosystems with software solutions from Hexagon and Intergraph Geospatial.

Hexagon provides geospatial solutions that support better decision making for communities, cities and governments, enabling more informed decisions in connection with planning of smart city growth. With decades of experience in the geospatial industry, our product portfolio offers a full control of the workflow of professionals involved in the decision-making process. Our range of products includes hardware, software and sensors that capture constant changes in geography through satellite images, aerial and land photographs, remote sensing and CAD/GIS software that transform raw data into relevant information.

The systems offered by Hexagon are robust, and their flows support all requirements of a smart city, including the combination of sensor data, processing, analysis and the presentation of data in portals to support the decision process.

The data flow of different sensors can be arranged in an integrated database that may eventually include other sources of local authority data. This gathering of information enhances analysis possibilities and enriches decision making.

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