GeoMedia Add-Ons Product Release Details

GeoMedia Add-Ons - 2018 Product Release Details

GeoMedia Add-ons enhanced for 2018 include GeoMedia 3D, GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional, and GeoMedia PDF.

GeoMedia 3D delivers library with predefined styles and view to "step inside" your data

GeoMedia 3D now delivers a style library that contains several predefined 3D styles for use in the GeoMedia 3D window. These include styles for 3D mesh layers, 3D polygons, buildings (extrusions), buildings (models), modified surface, point clouds, and viewsheds. These predefined styles are automatically loaded into the 3D workspace with all required underlying style parameters populated, giving you a head start with GeoMedia 3D. 
First Person View, a new navigation capability in GeoMedia 3D, makes it easier to get a realistic perspective of the surrounding landscape. This navigation mode simulates a “walk through the 3D scene” by establishing the height and field of view for the viewer, allowing the viewer to focus on what is directly ahead (both up and down) as well as what is behind.


GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional upgrades live streaming and fusing of georeferenced video

GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst now supports version 4.2 of Catalina Ground Station from Insitu. With Catalina Ground Station, users can stream live, georeferenced video, and fuse it with other geospatial information, gaining an understanding of the video’s geospatial content. Catalina Ground Station is available for both multi-user and single-user environments.


New GeoMedia PDF is ISO-compliant and provides a better way to produce georeferenced PDF data

Conforming to the ISO standard for georeferencing PDF data, GeoMedia PDF replaces the GeoMedia GeoPDF Publisher product. GeoMedia PDF continues to provide support for defining layers, attributes, metadata and CMYK definitions for the output Geospatial PDF file. In addition, GeoMedia PDF overcomes many of the reported issues with GeoMedia GeoPDF Publisher.      


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