GeoMedia Smart Client Product Release Details

GeoMedia Smart Client - 2018 Product Release Details

GeoMedia® Smart Client is a GIS workflow management system that connects tasks and dependencies across different roles in a process, and dynamically configures to reflect a users’ role and specific workflow steps.  End users are able to use advanced geospatial functionality via simple-to-use map-based tools, disentangling them from nonessential tasks and focusing their time on their area of expertise. Workflow Manager is a standalone product that is also a subset of GeoMedia Smart Client. Workflow Manager provides a rich toolset that lets you construct highly-focused business workflows that primarily support attributive data, but also may contain a spatial component. 

OpenStreetMap integration with GeoMedia Smart Client puts your workflows in context

For a new project, getting the right background imagery covering the designated project extent or providing a solid base map can take hours. Now OpenStreetMap data can be integrated into GeoMedia Smart Client applications. A growing numbers of content providers are offering a good foundation of imagery and vector-based data sets that can be easily integrated into map compositions. As a result GeoMedia Smart Client 2018 is extending the number of content providers supported in the product. 


4K Monitor Support integrates with high-definition technology 

With the cost of 4K monitors decreasing, more businesses want to integrate the increasingly popular high-definition technology. With the 2018 release, we are supporting 4K monitors to leverage the benefits provided by this technology.


Windows 10 Geolocation API lets you easily integrate with many GPS devices

Starting with GeoMedia Smart Client 2018, you can leverage the Microsoft Windows 10 Geolocation API to easily integrate between your GIS and various location devices. Using the unified API, applications can access the information provided by large numbers of devices. Previously, GPS device support was accomplished by directly integrating the NMEA streams from GPS devices, but using the Geolocation API removes the need to keep up with collecting individual GPS device information.


Smart Client Windows 10

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