WebGIS Product Release Details

WebGIS - 2018 Product Release Details

The WebGIS product family includes Geospatial Portal, GeoMedia® WebMap and Geospatial SDI.


Geospatial Portal

is a ready-to-run, browser-based solution for finding, viewing, and querying geospatial data and web services in a single, intuitive map view. It is installed and configured on a web application server, enabling multiple users to access the site.


GeoMedia WebMap

is a fully-scalable server solution for building and deploying geospatial web services and websites. Create high-performance web applications, with real-time enterprise access and geospatial analysis, using the familiar tools in GeoMedia desktop as a publishing platform.


Geospatial SDI

is an interoperable and scalable spatial data infrastructure designed for data providers that need to manage and serve secure or licensed information using standards-based web services. It ensures adherence to OGC, Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE), and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards for web services and metadata compliance. 


Consumer layout displays layers and attributes from vector feature classes published through WFS

The Consumer layout available in Geospatial Portal and GeoMedia WebMap has been enhanced to display layers from vector feature classes published through WFS. It also allows display of vector features’ attributes.

vector data

Connect to Hexagon Smart M.Apps from GeoMedia WebMap

WFS has been extended to return the CSV and geoJSON output formats, so a GeoMedia WebMap server can now serve data to a Smart M.App such as Mobile Alert.


Vector layer display performance boost

Improved SVG capabilities in Geospatial Portal and GeoMedia WebMap boosts the performance of vector layer display up to 40%.


Simplified publishing workflows with instances created automatically

Significantly improved workflow in GeoMedia WebMap reduces the service and portal publishing process to a single page in GeoMedia WebMap Publisher Administrator. Appropriate instances are created automatically in the Administration Console, with no additional steps required.


Feature information easily displayed in Consumer layout

The new Feature Info tool in Geospatial Portal's Consumer layout displays information about features portrayed on the map. Simply tap a point on the map to retrieve available attribute data for all layers.

Geospatial portal

Basic measurement tools added to panel in Consumer layout

Take basic measurements in the Geospatial Portal Consumer layout, including displaying point coordinates, distance and area calculations, using new tools placed in the Measurements panel.


Quick map printing in the Consumer layout from your browser

Produce attractive printouts using the standard browser print facilities in the Consumer layout.


Spend less time setting up WebMap services and portals

Administrators no longer need to manually create LRF files after publishing GeoMedia GeoWorkspaces with dynamic labeling configurations. Automatic creation of LRF files and other simplified publishing enhancements now shorten the time spent setting up GeoMedia WebMap services and portals.


WFS metadata joins WMS metadata with easier editing

In GeoMedia WebMap and Geospatial SDI Administration Console, a dedicated user interface is available to support editing of WFS metadata in the same way as for WMS metadata.


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