GeoMedia - 2016 Product Release Details

GeoMedia® - 2016 Product Release Details

Producer Suite

GeoMedia® is a flexible and dynamic GIS package for creating, updating, managing and analyzing your valuable geospatial information. Generate and update vector layers. Perform dynamic spatial analysis and generate reports. Automatically create and update maps. Manage data and map production more efficiently.

2016 release updates include:

  • Solve geoprocessing challenges using analytical recipes – GeoMedia 2016 delivers Spatial Modeler for visually authoring simple to complex workflows using raster, image and feature operators. Many capabilities, some only available using GeoMedia or GeoMedia Image commands, can now be used within Spatial Modeler to process files, data or other information that previously required programming or building GeoMedia custom commands.GeoMedia 2016 Product Release
  • New convenience with a new Explorer window lets you output your feature classes, queries, and categories into map or data windows.2016 Product Release
  • Overlay your GIS data with point cloud information in 3D - New Point Cloud processing for Asset Management means you can inspect and capture assets by overlaying GIS data with 3D views of terrestrial point cloud information.GeoMedia 2016 Product Release
  • New warehouse types - PostGIS data server, and OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) are supported.
  • Make edits offline and post them back - New Offline Editing Workflow lets you output data from an Oracle or Oracle LTT enterprise warehouse to a portable offline database, perform editing offline, and then post the offline data back to the enterprise warehouse.
  • Display labels faster - Dynamic labeling display performance is substantially improved.
  • Windows 10 Pro is supported.

Other enhancements include:

  • Visualize and analyze the 3D world - In GeoMedia 3D, you can use shadowing and viewshed analysis while accurately simulating real-world environmental conditions like rain, fog, and wind, query and measure point clouds, and use those highly accurate point clouds for data collection and correction in 3D.
  • GeoMedia Transportation Manager is even easier to use with the introduction of the new Copy LRM Segments command and the addition of temporal filtering to the Display LRM command.

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