GeoMedia Product Release Details

GeoMedia - 2018 Product Release Details

GeoMedia® is a flexible and dynamic GIS package for creating, updating, managing and analyzing your valuable geospatial information. Generate and update vector layers. Perform dynamic spatial analysis and generate reports. Automatically create and update maps. Manage data and map production more efficiently.

New Spatial Model operators, expanded Editor, enhanced Run Spatial Model and Explorer Window commands

GeoMedia continues to extend its geospatial capabilities by providing additional analytical tools to support Spatial Modeling workflows. We have developed new spatial operators, expanded the use of the Spatial Model Editor, and enhanced the Run Spatial Model and Explorer Window commands. In this robust environment, you can visually author complex, parameterized models for processing vector or raster data. You can execute Spatial Models inside of GeoMedia, store the results within the GeoWorkspace, and then perform additional post-processing on the Spatial Model output results.

Spatial Modeler

New read-write data server for OGC-compliant and platform-independent GeoPackage

GeoMedia’s data access capabilities continue to expand and improve with the addition of a read-write data server for GeoPackage, an OGC standard. GeoPackage is an open, non-proprietary, platform-independent database for geospatial information. GeoMedia delivers a GeoPackage template database and has updated GeoMedia commands to support GeoPackage throughout the product.

Feature caching improvements for Advanced Feature Model (AFM)-enabled warehouses

Performance improvements that come with vector feature caching are now available for GeoMedia warehouses that are enabled for GeoMedia's Advanced Feature Model (AFM), in which users can define associations and rules between feature classes, for example, digitizing, editing, validating, network tracing, and dimensioning. 



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