Water Management


Building and maintaining adequate infrastructure is one of our world’s most pressing challenges. Communications, energy, transportation and water management systems are crucial to maintaining our way of life, and they all heavily depend upon reliable and safe infrastructure.

The Smart H2O solution  is a comprehensive solution to manage water resources infrastructures. Its integrated components are designed to streamline construction, operability and security of water management systems, including dams, levees and reservoirs, ensuring the safety of the surrounding areas in case of emergency.


The Smart H2O Solution combines Leica Geosystems' total station and sensors, Intergraph's monitoring and dispatch solutions, and Z/I Imaging's geospatial tools to provide a complete picture of critical water infrastructure. Together, they work to reduce the risk of infrastructure failure by keeping it protected and healthy and safeguarding it against disaster by using real-time monitoring, early warning systems and emergency operations plans.

Hexagon Ventures knows the challenges that water infrastructures worldwide face, and Smart H2O is designed to solve these problems, enabling customers to better understand, detect and prevent changes before they become a real threat.

To learn more, visit hexagon-ventures.com/smart-h2o.


Smart H2O

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