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Urbanisation, the demographic transition from rural areas to cities, while taking centuries to come to fruition, has arrived in full force. One hundred years ago, two out of every 10 people lived in an urban area. By 1990, the trend still had not been fully realized, with less than 40 per cent of the global population living in a city. Urbanisation means more centralised, socialised and efficient production and consumption, therefore, more resources and complex urban management are needed

Hexagon Ventures provides Smart City solutions that include technologies for transport, energy, water, construction and public safety services. At the hub of a Smart City is safety, which can be achieved by utilising city infrastructure, human resources and mass public transportation more efficiently to provide faster and more responsive emergency and public safety services.

Protecting lives and property is a demanding and crucial mission with ever-changing challenges. Hexagon Ventures and Huawei provide innovative solutions to public safety agencies worldwide – solutions created specifically for a more efficient coordinated response to emergency and non-emergency incidents.

Our solutions help agencies better serve the public as they work to reduce crime, maintain order and protect the well-being of residents. Our public safety solutions give police, fire, emergency and related personnel an unparalleled level of communication and control, remarkable for their speed, flexibility, synergy and ease of use. Our solutions, based on open-standard technologies, cover the spectrum of public safety needs from emergency readiness planning and response management to investigation and resolution.


  • Unified CommandCenter: Integrated communication and management platform for multi-agency rapid call taking and dispatch
  • Mobile MediaShare: eLTE broadband private mission-critical network for voice, data and video dispatching and sharing
  • Intelligent SenseAlert: Intelligent video analysis and alert system for situation awareness
  • Secure CloudCenter: Secure, intelligent, scalable cloud-based information-sharing platform
  • Agile NetConnect: Secure, self-aware service-driven network with guaranteed QoS

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