Mobile Asset Management

Smart Asset Control

Smart Move is the perfect solution for mobile assets management and control, including equipment dispatch, fleet optimisation and improved assets productivity, availability and general utilisation.

Operating industrial tablets for data tracking (onboard modules on mobile equipment), Smart Move promotes real-time communication with the control room via GPRS or Wi-Fi connection, which send allocation and messages to operators and receive information about operation and location. All data generated in the control room and with these tablets is stored in an Oracle or SQL database and can be accessed easily with reliable and auditable data.

Dispatch by radio or paper can take too much time and is subject to errors and imprecision, and it is almost impossible to check if scheduled activities were carried out. Smart Move promotes information consistency and facilitates effective, accurate and faster decision making, which enables increased production and reduces the amount of equipment needed to perform similar activities.

Key benefits

  • Real-time communication via 3G or Wi-Fi connection
  • Immediate dispatch and tracking of mobile assets
  • Electronic fencing to control equipment allocation
  • Control of equipment under maintenance
  • Intelligent rules to monitor equipment status with pre-determined action
  • Ability to export daily electronic reports
  • Web portal containing customised geo-referenced and static reports
  • Integrated solution for planning, execution and assessment
  • Deliverables with ERPs

Smart Move is a versatile solution that can be adapted to different realities of different operations, regardless of complexity or amount of equipment.

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